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  • Forbidden Desert


    It’s Forbidden for a reason you guys….

    Forbidden Desert is a cooperative game by Pandemic and Forbidden Island designer Matt Leacock. 2-5 players take on the roles of brave adventurers stranded in an ancient desert city and must work together to survive the elements and unearth a legendary flying machine to escape. It’s so much fun! Unlike Forbidden Island, where the island starts to sink and tiles disappear, the entire board stays in place. Instead, tiles are constantly moving and shifting like a sliding puzzle under the power of a huge sandstorm.On their turn, players will move and try to excavate the city to find the pieces and eventually construct the flying machine, After every player’s turn, they will draw from the Storm Deck.  The Storm Deck represents the horrible sandstorm; these cards dictate which tiles move around and also contain a few  special events such as “The Storm Picks Up” (increase the amount of storm cards drawn) or “The Sun Beats Down” (everyone not sheltered drinks water from their canteen). When a tile moves, you must place a sand dune token on top of the tile. When a tile has two or more sand dunes upon it, the tile is blocked and impassable until someone excavates it. Like Forbidden Desert’s predecessors, there are lots of ways to lose and one way to win. Players lose if any player’s canteen runs out of water, they run out of sand dune tokens, or the storm tracker reaches the skull and crossbones level. Win by finding and constructing the flying machine to escape!

    Forbidden Desert is an excellent time! The pieces to the flying machine are great quality and fun to put together. Its a big hit at board game night at my house. The mechanics are similar yet, way different to Pandemic and Forbidden Island. Its also fun just to see how Pandemic’s mechanics evolved over the course of the three games. Its great and not as much of a bummer as Pandemic’s theme. You should probably look into this game if you haven’t done so already!


  • Mai-Star

    IMG_0942Mai-Star is a deckbuilding game where each player is a geisha, an entertainer with skills in conversation, sake service, and theater. Players take on the role of a geisha with different talent levels and unique abilities. You play customer cards to earn money or improve your reputation in the three skills. A better reputation allows you to earn more money. Customers also have their unique abilities, which allow you to draw more cards, or play more cards of the same color, for example. Mai-Star has so much replayability in the customers that you can draw, as well as the unique talents of the geishas you play, and the artwork is really pretty.

    3-6 Players. Competitive Play. High replayability.


  • 7 Wonders

    7wondersIn 7 Wonders, players become the leader of an ancient city. As the leader, they need to build the greatest city possible by collecting resources to use to construct important buildings, monuments, and establishments within their city, as well as attempt to become the strongest military power in the game. Each player wants their city to be the best in terms of science, military strength, and culture and they will prove it by building a “wonder” that will stand as a testament to their greatness throughout the ages. Players will accomplish this lofty goal through the game’s drafting mechanic. Drafting offers countless strategies as players seek to best each other by creating better buildings, developing a powerful military, depriving their neighbors of important resources and more. With beautiful artwork and a myriad of game-winning strategies, 7 Wonders has a very high replay value and would be a great addition to any board game collection.


  • Modern Masters 2015 Release

    The Modern Masters 2015 release is just around the corner! The much-anticipated set will be out this Friday, May 22 and we’ll be hosting a draft at this week’s Friday Night Magic. The draft will start at 6:45 and entry is $30– price of entry includes the three packs each player will need to draft with as well as a small prize payout. If you can’t make it to Friday’s draft you can still get in on the fun with our second Modern Masters draft on Sunday at 1:00. It’s also not to late to take advantage of our pre-order deal and pick up a box for $279.99. Come join us this weekend!

  • Dragon’s Gold

    Dragon's Gold- in stock now!

    Dragon’s Gold- in stock now!

    In Dragon’s Gold each player controls a team of dragon hunters whose goal is to kill the dragons and loot their lairs of jewels and magical objects. The problem is, the other players want to take all of the loot too! After a dragon is defeated, the players in the lair have sixty seconds to split the spoils however they see fit. If all players involved in the raid cannot come to an agreement when splitting up the loot, no one receives any treasure.


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